I don't know what I did yesterday, but I know I have said something that cannot be digested. I am guilty for all that happened last day and I must say that this is the unlucky day for me today. I see you depressed, still carrying that anger in your beautiful face. I cant look on that so called face like the full moon, I am sorry for I created all this by myself and it is a biggest loss in my life. 

Life is too short yet we spend time quarreling and spend moments negating each other but deep inside, I know that you really do not want this to happen. I really do not know what happened neither I had that silly intention to make you depressed nor I dare. Now, I must accept that I committed a huge mistake because I told you one truth that hurt you the most. I was trying to let you know that I crossed the line but everything doomed. 

But I must also say that without misunderstandings, things will never work prosperously. I am glad that you are attached to me spiritually. although you neglect me, I am happy that I can at least say sorry through words and I know you will never ignore these words. 

 In loving relationships, there are several important things to know. One of these is that the key to a successful relationship is being able to apologize. People take difficult time to say 'I am Sorry' But for me, I am truly Sorry.

Sorry dear Aunty!!!

Yours ALU