"Exam- Knock Knock Knocking on the Door"

Fear, Anxiety

No matter what, how, why and where but the exams keeps bothering us since the age we are dragged towards the school. Exam time are the only crucial times where students are forced to spent their times into books and they are less worried about their health at that time. People talk less when exams are near to them, likewise the atmosphere of Paro College of Education has become quiet, humble and silent of course.

I am less worried about my exams but let me say that i am bit worried about my course work because as we all know that the word biased is there in the Dictionary. People are driven towards the nature and the art of beauty and the simplicity. The principle of humanity is present in only who are very straight. But still, i can manage my own desired and expected range so as to present myself Proudly in front of those intellectual friends. Let me jot this word again-'Intellectual'. People are less careful about the future so they are always partial.