Entering into the despairful scenario

Firstly, let me provide you (readers) some background of the past scenario of Bhutan. Bhutan is a peaceful country where people believed to be the land of happiness. People stood against disputes, wars and civil wars and claimed that happiness is flourished throughout the country. Bhutan had joyful citizens, wonderful culture, amazing landmarks and amazing environment. There was freedom, we had wisdom and rights. Bhutanese people had great attitude and temperament. We could find people well disciplined.

Now, the aforementioned are just the opposite. Her attitude is amalgamated with power, possession, money, and so on. People are desperate to become leaders without leadership qualities, people are desperate about materials, lost for the yearn of money, longing to become powerfully rich and become famous over a short period. We have lost those attitude. Towards the king, the country and the people. Destroying nature, dirtying the spring water, throwing wastages, going for other religions are such indications of the hunger for money and power.

I can see despair running through the blood vessels of most Bhutanese. In hospitals, in offices, in schools, in monasteries and on and on. Patients dying to meet the doctor have to wait until 11 am. I could see no bond of love between the doctor and the patient. The one day long work is scheduled to one week duration in most offices, therefore extending the poor citizens of the nation to multiply their expenditure but for richer people with broader relationships, the job is well done in 1-2 hours. Nepotism has become Bhutan wide by now.