United with My Parents----

For me, days are becoming gorgeous and happy, i am very much happy to be united with my parents after long time. These kind of unity is rare in this life, because of education, i am really isolated from ma parent's. Sometimes, i think of this education; Why do we study? Is it the only way for Bhutanese to earn their living through education??? I am really worried here/// Why is that so? Anybody who wants to comment on my post are most welcome to do it...


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    1. Yeah....we seems to lost in this mundane world just chasing after will to have colourful qualification reflected in our papers. In the process we have to eat unpalatable foods, tread with different shoes of life away from our parents.
      But education is one the main tools to have understood the toil of our parents. It's only the education that can lift veil of ignorance and innocence.It's education that makes you as one the light at the other end of tunnel 4 your parents.
      So...nice write ups bro. But it would be much better if you could reduce number of photos and increase words. Neva mind. I enjoyed reading...All the best

    2. Hey sherab, it was pleasant going through ua good comments and thanks for ua compliments and as u suggested, i will try my best to post write-ups rather than the images.

      Thank you, i vl be happy 2 hear more from you. bye


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