Dra Kar Po-You wont believe it

You wont believe if i say it takes more than 30 minutes to make one round around that stiff cliff (Drakarpo). We made a round there, trying to push out all the sins that i had done since today, but it wasn't enough for me to drag those sinful acts out of only one round. But i believe that it will help me to achieve a good career although i doesn't dream of it.

I met aged people bent down towards the earth saying prayers and making rounds around that cliff which i thought it was really tough for them. After all it was not so thought provoking for such a person who determines to be faithful to oneself and to others. When i asked few of them about the rounds they make every day, i was informed that they make 17 rounds a day.

Me with sushma N Killer

With the little laps of time, on our way back to college, some of us made 1 round. It was tiring of course. But the only thing is that we need to have determination. To be successful in life, Be positive, just make your way to the positive day....
This is Drakarpo
I hope you will visit this place which is a real wonder on earth.
Please visit  because your life is too SHORT!!!


  1. Nice and informative post. Can't wait to visit there.. Thank you bro.


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