Visit to Ney Chen Dongkorla

We were of 15 members, all within our class. Namgay (coordinator) leaded the trip towards Dongkorla. We had an very interesting camping at that spot. We took our sleeping bags, food items and so and so but not me.....
                                   That was the day we walked more than 8 hours and finally we reached the spot. It was located in such a place where we were able to see Thimphu, Paro and A part of Chukha. In short, on top of the mountain and also we had the views of Gangkar Phuensum, Jumolhari and all.
              We came across several auspicious ornaments and that made our mind calm and timid. We were lucky that we were out of cold because we were invited to rest in the guest house there.

We talked, snapped, danced and of all we were lucky to go there and visit the sacred places.
We had a day, a day we would never forget.

We came back the next day. On our way, we again visited sacred places. And finally we are home now!

I enjoyed a lot with Tashi (My only friend!!!)


  1. It is nice on your part to have such historical and sacred place this time.

    I also made a plan 2 visit that place last year but it went down the drain when my friends suddenly shifted the place to be visited as 'Phajo Dhing.'

    However, I also enjoyed there jst like u described and many foreign yellow headed people made more worth remembering.

    I can only imagine 'Ney Chen Dhonkorla'. But one day am gonna visit that and have fun like you.

    Nice update bro...keep going...:)

  2. Ya, please make sure that u visit that sacred place because it's really amazing.

    Thanks or your suggestion


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