Caviar Concert by 3 EIT

It was a very moment for every one of us to cherish the moment. We took a long time to perform it and finally, we did it yesterday on 31st/10/2013. Everyone in the theater enjoyed the act. I came up with a solo act which was to crack jokes to the floor. It was fun loving moment to share such kind to the floor and to gain much of the attention. I really enjoyed when people laughed at my jokes and i am further more inspired to take a step ahead in this kind of shows. If opportunity knocks at my door, i wont ever miss that chance. 

This act(drama) was our major assignment. In the beginning, we thought that everything was going to be imbalanced but it was the opposite. It went smooth and was perfect. As everyone say that, 3 EIT has got a certain Talent, It is a fact that 3 EIT has got a unique talent. 
Lets cherish