A thought which provokes me

The world comforts every individual in different ways. People are busy engaged in their own ways. I can see movements of people increasing day after day. People in this city (New Delhi) are busier than what I have observed in Bhutan. Although the dignity of labour brags its name, though it is important to maintain the dignity of labour, I find Indians are hardworking. I see them underneath the crossovers, bridges and so on. Is it that Bhutanese are maintaining their dignity or ashamed of indulging themselves in blue color jobs? I really wonder why ‘WE’ Bhutanese are so reluctant and different. Why Bhutanese are like foreign object (alien). This is just because of our attitude. Bhutanese lack attitude problem. We even forget to wish people around. i think this is so rude from our part as a Buddhist. Sometimes I envy people here but that’s the only moment thought. In reality, I am lucky to be Bhutanese.

People say we are educated but they fail to perceive the true essence of education. We learn just for the sake of examination. Exams are just a small test in our life but most of the people take it as a huge obstacle in their life and we happen to learn and prepare just for it. We forget to prepare for life and hence, our life turns out to be miserable which leads us to depression and emotional shoot out.