How to teach alphabets to your child?

It is simply easy to teach alphabets to your children. You can start teaching alphabets to your child when she is 2 years old. Your child would easily learn them provided you have used the below techniques I am going to write to you through my real experience and studies I made. If your child isn't learning fast, donot worry and don't expect for mastery. Some children have their own learning capacity and pace.

1. Sing alphabet songs once a day to your child.

2. Sing them rhymes.

3. Colourful arts would ease their
learning. This helps in retention.

4. Read the alphabets loudly to them by pointing at the letters.

5. Tell them bed time stories. This helps in memory building.

Thank You for reading. Hope this articles of mine help you teach your child. You are responsible for your kid's learning. Your care matters to them.