Lesson in Life- Waiting 4 the Result

The numbers that will prove my years perseverance which ultimately mean my 'RESULTS' is on his way towards my glance. Every time I click on to the browser, i am compelled to affirm about my result. I start to cover up all other sites and simply focus on one view. Yet, my result hasn't been declared which simply prolong my eagerness and excitement. 

With intermediate and transitional hopes, i expect my result to be out soon and nobody is assured about the particular date. Time ticks on, life goes on. Without a single fear, everything diminishes, sometimes at the end of the day, i feel hopeless having nothing done even though when I do have lot of things to cover up. My days just go on with less task accomplished. Sometimes i feel that i am lethargic, i feel incomplete and as a teacher, I need to do a lot more than every person entitled with a different name. A teacher, an educator, that is what I am going to be in the future. So, I need to be extra responsible to learn and fulfill the daily challenges of life.