High Flying Balloons Landed

I really feel ashamed of myself that I came to know about the 'Loon Project' just today when I flipped by the Kuensel pages. As a Bhutanese, We lack information and never gets updated with things around the world. The Loon Project was launched since June 2013. This is the thing that we never can ignore from knowing it. Just as when I read this story, I was excited to browse about it. I went through many sites and indeed, it helped me and gave me more knowledge. 
The Loon project is really an amazing and true thing. I know that many Bhutanese would be scared seeing that strange thing which just landed in Bhutan. There is nothing that we need to be scared of. Only the thing is that we weren't up to date with the news around whereby I also fall under this category. :P 
It is true that Google has conducted this experiment- science experiment to deliver internet. It was an idea forwarded by ________________. Please visit this link to know more about this incredible balloon.