Democracy or Plutocracy???

Bhutanese live in a democratic society but most of us don’t know what really the democracy feeds. Bhutanese has twisted the meaning of ‘Democracy’; hence it has become a problem. We live in a small country governed by the miserly brains. They just impose rules on poor people of the nation. 

Wealthier and materialistic people in this small nation prevail their existence than poor ones. They are held out of problems (which can be crimes) when underprivileged ones have to bear the punishment. Although laws are entitled to every citizen in the country, richer ones can deprive happiness from the poor people.
We have many incidents which happened, are happening and will continue to exist in this country. That’s how our democracy has worked till now and still, it has been confused with other ideas. Innocent people are accepting everything that comes in. though some people try to raise their voice but they are afraid of the world around them. 

Democracy talks about right for everything but people’s rights has been encroached and they remain innocent.


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