06-12-2014 bday

Happy Birthday!
First and foremost, many many happy returns of the day. I don’t have anything to offer you on your 22nd birthday. All I wanted to offer you is my true love and my prayers for your happiness. You are now next step ahead to the world and I pray for your accomplished jobs, success in life and May god be with you at all times. You are truly a wonderful person at heart and bodily gorgeous. To me, you are that person that heals my wound and bring the dead to live... For this life, I take this opportunity to hold you in my arms and be the luckiest man on this earth. For me, you are the special thing I ever possessed and believe me; I value everything in between you and me. You are that kind of a special thing that no one could ever find out even by making rounds throughout the world and I am that man who actually possesses that glittering gold and I should never let it slip away from my hands.
This day would be the right day to let you know that I really do Love you sincerely and I carry my love everyday and everywhere I go. I had traveled this far with you and I always dreamt of being with you forever. My words are too meaningless to convince you about all that I have in my heart. I wish there could be something that can travel by our emotions so that our feelings are felt. I know I make less difference in your life but you, you have that quality that impresses my soft heart and fall for you over and over again. I am falling down and yes! You better hold me tight. Words are too limited to describe your beauty and numbers are too less to weigh your beauty. The greatest artist cannot even measure your beauty and no man can deny the fact that you are beautiful. You are awesome honey. 
Your dreams shall always come true. Promise me to be the woman filled with kindness, love, patience and compassion. Never forget the fact that we have to end some day. Make difference in someone’s life and always do accept the fact that everything is impermanent.

Happy Birthday!!!