Dear sweetheart,
I have become someone when you were always there for me. You made things possible for me every moment. I cherish those accomplished jobs with which you made it possible. Life is just about living and you made my life worth living. I know I made mistakes but without those mistakes, I wouldn't have reached this far. My body is sluggish, my mind is empty and I am speechless without you and that's really true. I want to say that we can make love so many times with so many people but this love for you is true and you shouldn't play with it. I never go against my feelings this time and you are the reason for this. I know you get mad sometimes but I can assure that love is always there in your heart for me. It's so much more special to be in your heart. Your love and care is the reason why I have changed so much. I can feel the change in myself compared to those days of my life playing around with hearts. I am no longer a child though I look like. I don't want to play with your heart and neither i do. I simply go on with the hope to flush your mind with happiness and glory. I want to create special moments with you in this life and reborn as yours for generations. I want to live with you forever and in your heart. I live my life thinking about you most of my time and you made it possible for me to cross the river with the thing so called BOAT.
 This letter for you may appear simple but I would like you to read because tons and tons of emotions are poured in it. I should leave you some messages more in my diary because life can end anytime but it hardly comes to our mind. We feel like there is certain time for us to die and we keep on living with exchanged thoughts. So I prefer to leave some of my words before I let those fade in the grave. I may be crazy and sometimes mad too but I feel okay to be mad because my nature wouldn't change when you know all about it. I am a simple living man without norms and with bigger heart and I own nothing except you. I will hold you with all my care. I know I can't offer you this and that concrete things but I can surely give you happiness for life which you will need for your ultimate generations. I am sure that I can't buy you a ticket to New York but I can spend my lifetime journey in a hut with all those smiles and laughter.

For now, 
Ba bye. with 
Sonam Alu Wangdi