Letter to my Aw3s0m3 brother Namdra on his Bday!!!

Dear Namda,
                    I really wanted to wish you Happy Birthday on this day. I know that I never had wrote you even once on your birthday and this is a simple chit that you would certainly find it funny but I hope you will make a move and travel by my letters. I know things happened wrong when we were small and we use to fight over little things. We used to sleep together turning our backs at each other and never cared about sharing what was done during the day. I know I never gave you the freedom for you to feel open and I sometimes turned rude to you and never laughed with you. I know I held my hands over you and let you cry.

Today, I like to say that I am no more that old little thing in that old boot. I will be the brother you  wanted me to be and which everyone likes when they are in late teens. I will be your friend for you to even share your personal matters. I will solve your problems, fill up the blanks which you cannot and will be ready to starve for your happiness. I will take you to the right path with full hopes and never let you down. I will pull you up in this competitive era and make you man who can stand alone in this competitive world. One funny thing (I will like your profile picture on Facebook :P).
Dear brother, Happy birthday! Make a wish


  1. Nice letter to your brother on his B-day and hope your brother would remain the same caring and lovable all times...thanks and i want to join with you to wish your bro a 'be-lated HBD'...thanks

    1. Thank you for the regular comments. And thanks for the wish from my brothers side :)


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