To my Classmates

               Rap Rap Rap........
Okay guys!!! Its for all 4EIT members
I have gotta Rap

Please don't take this as a holy Crap
You just take a Nap
And hear this crazy Rap
To find you, I don't need a Map
Coz you will somehow be in the Lab
Sitting in a room like zing na gi BaeP

Okay here it goes!
First, Anita and Nanda,
I never saw U two having Mirinda
But your height is same to same as Sharda
Have U heard about a place 'Noida'
Nope! But atleast hope that You know Flo Rida!
Raz and Ara
Listen, Who the heck told U that U look like Atsara!
You two are bright friends like Tara
Hope U two donot fight for one Meera!
Namgay and Karma, U are 2 people
U two resembles a disciple
You stay quiet and simple
But do U smile with a Dimple!
Tandi and Chipki
Why is your name not Choki, Deki
If i say Ua names are Lucky
Will U two buy me a huge Micky
To be contd.....Soon in MP4 version


  1. Nice one...keep in touch with you mate...thanks


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