Boy with the same smile

"Every man is same in this world". With the world switched on to modern century, people vary from place to place. The boy on the left is my student at present. I respect him in every way he is at the moment. This boy is someone I pay more attention to and spend my time with him everyday. I want to make a difference in his life by passing every knowledge I have. With little knowledge, I want to comfort him with gentleness and honesty. Most people with good appearance live a remorseful life today or later on but either of these two.

He is Pema Samba, Who is in class III. He turned 9 years old yesterday on 17th/04/2016. I monitor his physical growth as well as his intellectual abilities. I refer him to remedial classes as I found his learning very slow but remember he is not poor learner. Words change the way it seems to readers. Millions of People can be convinced by the way you choose to use words.
As Nancy Williams said, "Its important to choose what you say, not say what you choose".

As human beings with all abilities, we need to know and understand feelings. Feelings are same for what we have and what others have. I am no other man different form you all. I am all the same like you. I walked bare-footed during childhood, I got my tooth when you got yours, I started to stand and walk after I knew sitting. I have the same heart to spread love and compassion to all those who are less blessed. I know I cannot be a perfect person to lend help to all those but I do seek help from people like you all.