Duty and Responsibilty

It was well a lot of worth travelling in the book written by Nancy Williams -'Duty and Responsibility'. A well delivered content over the daily routine of a man in his role on earth. She is a renowned writer who lures readers to be psychologically fit in this terraquous globe. She lay down the meaning of life, the core purposes of being born on earth and taking responsibilities as human breathing oxygen free of cost. When we need clean air to breathe, we need to be responsible for making it clean. Humans are drowning in the ocean of money as the scene changes in a blink of our eyes. People are harvesting jealousy out of which the cause is 'MONEY'. The invaluable money which can make a man the happiest on earth can also make the poorest starve.

There is no need for people to be insane about money because we are not going to die with money, we are not taking it with us, we can't make it with money and it's useless for a man dying to live with whole lot of bounty. We must be a service to people who cannot afford a bag of rice at home, we must muster compassion and provide service for the homeless people. 

Being dutiful and responsible mean being a person your parents expected you to become. Your life needs your time, being busy in servicing others will accelerate your good fortunes. Your luck will raise you in heaven one day. You will have enough life to live in peace and harmony.