I can't limit the timing for FOOTBALL!

Though not professional, neither a perfect player of soccer, nor an sports athlete, I just couldn't move away from the game of football. I enjoy every moves of my play during the game and I just can't express the love and interest over this game. I perform a little tactics of what I need. I started this game since I was in grade III at Nganglam Junior High School. I remember the days I use to paint my Jersey with the number '11' on the back with the name 'Sonam Wangdi'. I use to play in the rains, under the scorching sunlight and behind the walls of the school where I studied till class V. But never in my schooling life played in a snowy weather until last winter vacation at Thimphu city stadium. I shall refer it as the city stadium as we have one one city with the stadium. I devote myself to the game until the last 90th minutes. I forgot the skills of playing football when I was forced to study at Changangkha School in 2003 at Thimphu. That school still doesn't have a football ground and the fact is, most of the school in Thimphu has no playground. I use to miss the speed and every steps of my play and use to watch others scoring behind the net in the television. Until class XI, I was out of the game with few touches within that four years of my schooling. I use to be a small kid with shorter height and none of my teacher select me to play the game. I was knowing rejected by the teachers who didn't let me grab the chance to become a good player.

Today, I am a teacher and I know that the sports can even be well performed by the kids unless we give them opportunities. I engage all my students interested at playing sports. As a games and sports coordinator, I manage my team with greater responsibility and JUSTICE.

Today, I still learn the skills and practice it in the recreational hours, I play the game with my colleagues and I am never away from this game. I like the game so much and I can't limit the time for the game. I encourage my daughter to be a player one day. Today, the world is changing, Bhutan is switching its old face to a different scenario, be it a boy or a girl, everybody is given the chance. I shall pass the ball to my siblings. I shall remain healthy and fit after every game.