Letter to my students...

Dear boys and girls,

I know people are bound to make mistakes over and over. No matter how far you are being taught and you try to learn, time is the only machine which will teach us everything. Time will rectify the errors. As a matter of fact, those elite grammarians also do have errors in their published books of grammar. Nobody is capable to be free from mistakes. If you want to achieve something, you should make mistakes. Please never try to climb a tree without falling off once, because you would never gain the experience to be an outstanding climber. No man will call you an outstanding performer if you have never failed in your career.

As I went through one of their (student) writings; I found this note of reminder.
Please don't worry about the spelling of 'foodbol' when it has to be 'FOOTBALL', don't think of making everything correct in your writing. Nothing is perfect and nobody is capable of being flawless. You may write 'He is beautiful' Or 'She is handsome', You are just right and you are absolutely doing good. You have perfectly learnt the two most amazing words in the English dictionary. I appreciate you for the words that you have understood and you are marvelous for that. That is all my job I am groomed for and it would add more charm to teach you all those lessons which fascinates me at all times. I am professionally paid and shaped to become a teacher so that I can be just beside you to let you become a perfect challenger to those errors you just make out of innocence. Someone rightly pointed to motivate people that mistakes are part of our life. Failing doesn't mean you aren't capable of doing something rather it symbolizes your ability to dare and try again and again until you become a part of the successive stories.

No matter how far you make mistakes, you should dare to find solutions and seek help from others. (Teachers, elders, peers, parents, etc.). If you wish to learn, everything should come along the right way. Many people feel hopeless when they fail after tremendous hard work, failed despite constant pace of perseverance  but the truth is 'You have won the play if you have failed many times'. Nelson Mandela has spent more than half of his life behind the bars yet he is considered as the revolutionary leader in the world. Did he gave up everything? Dear brains, everyone has the same intellectual intelligence, capabilities and you are open to all new things. You need to live an exploratory life.

With regards
Your Teacher,
Sonam Wangdi


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