Realize your students' abilities.

It is quite common that there are different level of students in the room. My students weigh different from each other. It not unusual to have different learning abilities when we are in the class. Some educators find it difficult to deal with certain situations which is actually not recommended in their professional life. Their focus should not be only in teaching but also in shaping students and exposing them in unique scenarios. As per my view as a teacher, I feel that this is not the difficulties faced by most teachers, its just a forward challenge for the teachers to become competent, experienced and talented. Lets try to be practical and not just emphasize on the content part and think of their learning as a step to promotion. This profession is not just about the examination but the skills matter more than anything else.

The abilities varies in one room. When one can read well, other can write. When one can speak well, the other can draw. So, the fact is, realize your students' capabilities and make a difference in their lives. Prepare well for the lesson you are going to deliver and then it turns out successful. Explore more and seek for the online help and guidance for the right and daily development. Work for their growth and make yourself flexible in the room. You know that when you were a child, you were the same as your students. If you are following the goodness in that room, you will have million places to live and enjoy. Follow their heart and touch their lives with mere observation and provide care and equal love to everyone in the room.

Best of Luck!