Apa, My father

Apa, I know this is the name that you might have taught me to yell out at infancy. I know this is the name you would like to be called. I would like to give you a pat on the back for being such a wonderful, caring, lovable, sometimes funny, rude, touching, being an autodidact, a teacher and today, I am thankful to you for being a friend. I always have a mindset to thank you whenever you ring me because someday I will stop receiving calls from a person named 'APA' from my contact list but I cannot muster the confidence to approach you with all those in-articulated words. And I here I go now.

This is just a humble piece written especially to you for the gratefulness, for the moments you startled me with joys, in remembrance of the times siblings gather around you listening to the old tales and falling asleep against your warm belly, in memory of the times spent together learning grammar from you and hitting my forehead against your strong knuckles.

My Apa, you are one of a kind who is amazing and I would regret if you won't be able to read this letter. I wouldn't be able to fill my hopes with satisfaction. Being a son, I could animadvert experiences with the family, I was never dragged behind with hesitation and loneliness. You were too supportive for my positive growth and you were the stepping stones for my quality growth. Today I refer myself as a positive lad with lots of experiences about life and its nature.

I know I was stubborn to you when I was an ignorant little cub with negativism in my entire brain. I never listened to your advices and followed my dark mind which borne negativity and ego. I know you taught me respect but I was learning ego, you taught me not to gamble but I was learning the skills to addiction,

but thanks to you for the patience, for the hopes in me and for continuing your support till now. I might have been travelling the wrong way if you would have stopped nurturing me. I may have dropped in somewhere far from the world without hopes and dreams. Thanks for making my dream come true and letting me stand on my own.


  1. Hi,
    It's a wonderful imotional message, may be imerged from your core heart. However,it seemed to me that, you came to uderstand the role played by the parents. The parents uncontional love always hovers over children but on the contrary, children's condition love exhibit rarely when remembers the bountiful assets left behind.

    1. Thank you for the comment my dear father, Many siblings today go against their parents but I am a different chap.


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