Daughter's 1st Birthday

This is the day I was on my way back to the school from phuentsholing to Panbang (Bjoka) And this was the day when my wife was admitted to the JDWNRH in Thimphu. By that time it was 3:00 am before dawn. I was still wandering in the world of fantasy so that I could atleast make my presence near my two important persons in my life. I consider this day as the most memorable day in my life and it is all because my wife has gave birth to such a wonderful baby girl after undergoing painful 290 days which is a long mile to go for proper sustenance. I know you barely tasted good food during those times, I know you hardly had good night sleep during those days.

My love,
I am sorry for I couldn't make it at the time of her birth when you needed me the most,
But it was not my mere intention to flee back unexpectedly,
I too regret for I couldn't make it just by 24 hours then;
My job is another hope for our happiness.

I also needed you just by my side,
but disappointment prevailed and it compelled me to go;
My wishes shattered alike the broken glasses
They expelled me out of the way.

Just then, reaching to Panbang, mother in law called me and startled me with the news of the birth to a gorgeous little angel and it was exactly at 6:25 pm. My heart was filled with joy, the fear was all gone and washed away by the news. My baby girl, the first time I heard about you, you filled my heart with happiness and today, your existence is the source of my happiness. Let me groom you, Let me help you become a wonderful creature.