Kids report to school today

Today, students from all four directions who went on their mid-term vacation will report to the school. The students' who avail the boarding facilities will join the school while the day-scholars will join the school tomorrow morning. Half of the teacher colleagues are still out of station as they are attending the PD workshop on 'Transformative pedagogy'. The students' are going to report to the provosts.

The long awaiting grasses are to be cleared starting tomorrow. Students at rural schools are known to be more energetic than the students in urban schools, therefore it is an easy job to cut grasses and beautify the surroundings again.

The school is going to embark with noises again which many teachers had missed it for 15 days. The teachers are excited to resume their usual teaching. I am one of those teachers who missed them desperately. I want to teach many new things with many new methods. Strategically, I am going to rebuild their employed minds with many new ideas.

One new idea which I am going to teach them is about institution of DFC (Design For Change) club in the school. I am going to make presentations to teachers, students' and also to most of the parents in the community. Bjoka is a place of change, teachers are addicted to positive change, I am inclined to bring unique concepts.