Fallacious grounds toward impermanence

The fallacy has flipped the world upside down, people are standing still with unreasonable thoughts about life and its durability. Most men insist to proclaim the permanence out of impermanent life, which is an extreme waste for them. They alter their opinions into facts and reason their rights which were never right and indeed not theirs. Ignorance wrap their untamed mind and failure to unwound thy mind would tow them to hell. Our life is unseasoned but eventually gifted with opportunities to make it glow with beauty and happiness. We have the chance to uplift our life and stand alone with righteousness and mindfulness. Being adamant to positive changes, right life, right mind and right work is another ticket to hell. I am really worried that I letter so much about 'HELL' as if I have been to the hell and that I would receive sacks of questions after reading this piece. Mind you readers, if there is pain when someone hurt you, it is cause and effect and perhaps! there must be hell everywhere. If you think that there isn't a place called hell, you are committing a big mistake. Being erroneous without knowing is something acceptable but the more you are aware of hell and the more you do are destructive, you are all done. Set yourself to walk through the road you cleared yourselves.

Buddha has left a note for all sentient beings. Its your body which will lead you to your next life. It depends on how your body reacts to circumstances. Our body is thus manipulated by our minds which is either healthy or wealthy. What you do now will leave you a comment for you to refer in the future. I may be wrong and just right but we are the creator of our own life. We should be responsible for the life we create and the life we live today. As I have pointed out in my last writing, its our duty to nurture life and nobody is sweating on other side for your life. You will have to dwell onto yourselves to reap the best outcome. Money is important, yes money is! Today, we can't even walk out of the door without it. Money is invaluable than any other thing on earth. Some say we can buy happiness with money. Its true to certain extent but even if you possess loads of money with you and you do nothing for others sake, its not happiness that you are gathering at your home and in your mind. You are a dissatisfied man who is selfish of sharing happiness to others. You are misusing money when you buy happiness for yourself. A man is called happy when he sacrifices for others' happiness and welfare (altruism). Being altruistic is easy and can be practiced by men like you and me. It doesn't demand us to be extraordinarily wealthy, we can do it when men can do it.


  1. We can do it when any men can...like it

  2. Thank you sir for your relevant feedbacks.


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