Pain is not painless

I just felt like to write about it

The four letter word
It's less in number but has greater impact
Painless are those non living objects
But the living subjects cannot live with pain
Yet, you can't neglect its phase
As it is attached to your life
Alike your ears on the two sides of your head.

Cell phones are tangible
Pains are intangible
Perhaps! We carry both at times of need and when we don't need
We cannot evade both
The transforming world demands people to use 'em
The natural phenomena enforce us to undergo pain

Thus, the solutions are in our hand
Cell phones and Pains have positive views too
You have to ogle at it with greater incentives
Handle it with purpose and don't overreact;
Let it not dominate your feelings

We can prevent suicides, disputes, wars and controversy.
Don't think that you are done when you are in Pain!
Because there are hopes from the other side (Parent's and family)
Which you are unaware of it
Life is not about living without pain
Life is about pain and being a service to others.
                                  -Sonam Wangdi Impermanent


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