New girl with new hopes. Fly like an Eagle!

Rinchen Lhamo - The new life and a new hope

Name: Rinchen Lhamo
Class: PP
Age: 10 
Village: Kamati
Gewog: Bjoka
Dzongkhag: Zhemgang
Fathers name: Late (Unknown)
Mother's name: Tshering Lhamo

Teaching is not just about entering into the class with smiles and be contented when you wrap the syllabus. The joy is when you are touched by the stories behind them and when you know your students secret. The real teaching is when you understand your children's behavior and render your support with extreme care and dedication. Teaching turns out natural and faultless when you are aware of your own students and when you are able to read what's inside the secret brains. "Teaching is not too expensive but it demands lots of time and perseverance, perhaps its not so cheap either." Time is going forth and various programs show up to enhance our profession. 

Today, I am a teacher and possibly my profession is not ensured with warranty. I may be out of the job at any moment and I don't even possess a equivalent grade when some of my friends who has equivalent qualifications have. Lets keep it aside and Today, I am with a new story of hopes and dreams. My job is not just to earn but also to make a difference in many lives who are waiting for my help. The above picture is a girl who recently was enrolled in class PP at Bjoka Primary School, Zhemgang. 

What's new about her?
She is not an extraordinary kid and that is not the purpose why I write about her. She is from a help needed (poor) family background. Unlike other kids who were nurtured with education, she was left at home to attend the household chores. This is the problem existing in every illiterate parents across the country. She is Ten years old today and enrolled in class PP after few of our teachers insisted her mother and uncle to send her to the school. Two teachers from the school accepted the payment of her expenses like school fees, school dresses and other calculations. 

Home or School? 
With smiles, her choice is just one and that is School. She always wanted to wear Kira (Bhutanese women's national dress) and envy the life of her friends who traverse to school. Back at home, she tearfully accomplish her domestic chores. At the moment, she carries a book with care and sincerity and she is absolutely happy to be in a new environment which she call this as Lobda (Dzongkha term for School). At home, she use to look after their house, many a times she has to herd the cows in the jungle which adults in cities can't manage to do. 

Her Learning Abilities
The fact that I was astonished hearing about is that she has the ability to write better than those kids who have been present from the beginning of this academic year. It maybe because she is 10 years old already or possibly, she might be a quick learner. Nonetheless, to everyone's astonishment, she weaves Bangchung (Bamboo craft) at this small age. She copes well in all four skills of Learning (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). Her tutors appreciate her works and reinforce her to broader learning. 

So, this is a new life experience for her and this could be an opportunity for her to make her dreams come true. As humans, 'one should never underestimate the power of a common man' (A dialogue from Salman's film) which is definitely true. We never know what happens next when we step out of the door. As a colleague, a human, a co-worker, I would like to acknowledge my Principal, Madam Tshering Lhamo, Sir Chimi Dorji and all the teachers of this school for showing her the right path and hope her life will move forward to brighter destination. 

Your colleague,
Sonam Wangdi


  1. lots of encouragement
    thank you for your post

  2. Really really a great story about her sir. loved it and thanks for write up la... eagerly waiting to read some more in future la... You really are the great teacher sir..

  3. Very thoughtful POST. Living here in Thimphu and when someone brings out such stories from remote locations, it is a treat fro me. Keep writing la!

  4. A bird with new hope.....Worth reading....You will be the unmistaken source of inspirition if you resume dusting off such children...

  5. Thanks for reading la. Your feedbacks are source of inspiration.


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