Inestimable contentment

I am a teacher but not just a teacher who is just consciously inclined towards accomplishing the domestic chores of the school. I belong to the Buddhist nation where I am fortunate to have many other opportunities. Prearranged with good fortunes and abilities, I am blessed to have all senses in my body. When I possess the strength, why shouldn’t I offer some time from my life to the rest of the men. There are millions of people who are independent and lead a good life. On the other side of the mirror, there are more than that who are in need of something to live for. Over the years, I have helped the people and students of Bjoka Primary School, Zhemgang Bhutan. I did this job by collecting contributions from the people of Bhutan who live by the cities and who intend to help the disadvantaged families. I was successful over the last few years in collecting clothes, stationeries and other necessities and I distributed equally to the community. This is my first ever community service instituted and I received respect, appreciation and reinforcements which is the sole reason to continue with the social service.

 I am an empathetic, compassionate and a young educator who aspire to educate young minds, spread goodness, love and happiness to many.  I am not materialistic, I am happily born to Mr. Ugyen Wangdi and Mother Phurpa Wangmo who gave me the strength to stand alone and become a contributing citizen to the country. I am a noble honest man who believes in faith, cause and effect, and luckily I am a teacher and a father of a child. I believe that there are some people who presume that I may be working for personal benefits, I must say that it’s a total misconception.

I really like initiating these kind of social service and bring happiness at their doors. A fact about life is that life has a purpose, and that is to help others. Most men fail to find the meaning of life. We can help many people in 101 ways. The world needs, doctors, engineers, waiters, teachers and so on. Everybody’s important, even if you hold the minor position, you are important to the world. If you serve being a waiter with kindness and sincerity, you will prosper and you are felt important. Without the waiter, who will serve the boss? So, your head is counted too. To do things, don’t you please wait for someone to start the eventful journey! All you need to do is plan and give a spontaneous start. I suppose, I don’t need to talk about Failure and success now.

By and by, as your work turns out successful, your pillow back at home will be waiting for you to comfort you with a grand satisfaction and a goodnight sleep. You will feel your heart patting on your back for keeping your mind focused and for being a change and making a difference in their lives. 

Make a difference!


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  2. your initiative is highly appreciated, so do continue to serve as before


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