14th National Job fair, Thimphu

As I entered the zone, it was clearly visible to all the visitors that you are at the 14th National job fair. To my amusement, thousands of jobseekers mostly youths were wandering and making the presence listening to the people explaining. There were students from various academic background. Few university graduates and class X graduates were making the best advantage. But the space was busily occupied buy class XII passed outs. Some organizations offered direct recruitment and employment while some offered training opportunities in country and outside Bhutan. As I happened to ask one of the students, he was desperate to hold a job as he mentioned his tough life without a job for almost 1 year after class XII. He also said that this time he hope to get selected in one of the applied jobs. He is yearning to become a F&B staff overseas.

Moving forward, most students who just passed out last year worry that the firms require work experience. They are always disappointed when people ask about their experiences provided they aren't given the chance. Some university graduates mentioned about the consultant who offers opportunity to study in Canada and Australia. Today, many Bhutanese leave for countries like Australia and US to study and that is what changed their mind. Every Bhutanese move abroad and get good jobs when they return. And at the same time people make good money out there.

Most high school graduates worry that the opportunities are grabbed by university graduates. The job fair was inaugurated by the Minster of LHR.

Jobseekers are at least satisfied after attending the fair.