Once a teacher!

It is not so long when I resigned from the teaching profession, I am just three months away from the classroom hangovers and I still did not forget the noble job I once had. I loved that job, I am capable to teach and bring heavy influences on many lives. I can guarantee that my former students' absolutely liked the way I taught them. The story for my resignation is a unique tale. My nature is different from other folks who can resist hammers on their heads while I can't. Here is my story;
I was trained at Paro College of Education for 4 consecutive years as English and ICT as my core electives. Later in 2014, I successfully completed the course and we were to sit for the RCSE (Royal Civil Service Examination). Among the 23 (not approximate), I held a very good position at the 3rd line, but to my astonishment, I was not selected for the regular job of teaching. There were just 2 slots in schools in Bhutan where 7,00,000 people inherits. With more than 300 Schools in country, the slots for 2 ICT and English teachers was a freaking crazy news.

I never understood why the Government brought up such ad hoc changes but that was too because of some 500 plus teacher candidates misfortune. The bad luck hammered my career. I didn't fail my exams rather with such good score, I was thrown away in the bin.

I was positive to go for teaching job for 2 years on contract and today, I completed my term and I am working as a Manager in a Travel agent business. My four years training was wasteful, I should have studied other Bachelor programs instead of that. I regret to have been cheated knowingly by those rascals but they have to die one day. As I am a firm believer of Impermanence, I don't mind them making unsuccessful changes, making wrong decisions.

With every profession you choose, fulfill it with your interest not by choice. As choices comes with or without interest. To be the change maker, you can be in any job. Once you have the mindset to bring changes, you can come up with huge differences.