How to create a happier workplace?

With my little knowledge and capacity, I would like to write some of the experiential and effective ways to create a happier workplace.
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Most bosses, and yoir colleagues fail to create a sound environment thus failing to succeed in their career. You would like to follow these simple and useful tips to your trip to friendly workplace and successful career.

  1. Your mood - Your mood is the foremost thing that can have greater impact on your work. Don't be moody to your suboordinates and your colleagues. Keep your mood happy and joyful at work and try not to expose it unnecessarily. People will understand you by your mood.
  2. Build rapport - Leave your bossism at home. If yor are bossy, your subordinates won't like you. Therefore, you can't build good relationship with your co-workers. This could lead to lackof openness within the organization.
  3. Love your job - Loving your job means you can deliver your talents and knowledge well to your work. If you love your job, you will start to reap good results day after another.
  4. Appreciate yourself - Learn to appreciate yourself to ensure that you are committed to the job.
  5. Time - Time management is very important in all field. You cannot be fruitful if you cannot make things on time. Starting from the time you report to your office. Wasting your time means you are wasting someother's time. One minute will waste your a 1 page task.

There are many other factors impacting on creating a bettter workplace. Aforementioned are just the important ones which I have learned and experienced.