Homeless man on my eye street

Just when I hit the road on walk with my charming* wife, I was dragged by the scenery of an old but energetic man sitting on a blue round bucket with a chart written "Leave some change for a homeless man". I was disturbed by those letters written with black ink, distracted by the thoughts my little brain started to organize. That word 'HOMELESS' made me stumble like the ultimate fighter knocked out by a crazy punch. Why do people like him live on earth and be the route of differentiation? Why do homelessness increase year after year? That's driving a country so mad. This is creating humans inhuman. Humanity is diminishing from people while the world is starving for that. The society has different eyes for them, more people shake their 'No' heads and ignorance burns on their flaming minds.

These homeless people are deprived of home and folks from all walks of life think that they are strong to get in a job and earn their living not knowing that most homeless people have lost their legal right to get into an occupation. Ignorance is ONE BIG hurdle everybody is undergoing despite the fact that ignorance can be easily hurdled and transformed into love and compassion.
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Homeless people deserve compassion and sympathy not ignorance. Doesn't mean you have to lend them a 100$ bucks to feed them which would make him drunk all day and night. Buying them food and talking to them about wisdom is all you need to do. Compassionate mind will accumulate merits for you and your future. We live for future, we work for future and in actuality, we are living our life for 'yet to come', which we aren't sure about it. Yet to come or else Future is what we are all living for and people won't regret not to think of impermanence. Impermanence, as I always talk about is reality, but seems unreal. Death is next to us and we are sure about it but we hardly wan't to remember them.

I must remind every reader of this article that life is unpredictable and there is no time for 'no good thoughts and actions'. Go on and live your life, make way to proper life, learn, lend and earn merits.