Death is unstoppable, but we can change our destiny

Just next room, I over heard a health worker saying "patient is gone, heart beat is zero." My heart started to beat rapidly. It was a young girl who was studying in the 10th grade. A very young girl whose parents might have had better hopes and dreams. Their kid was a beautiful child they had until the moment she just passed away. It was 2 past 35 minutes afternoon when she left the temporary earth. Her body was no more her soul's belonging. Her soul left her own body. Now, it was just the dead body lying on the hospital bed. I know I am so sorry about how her parents feel at the moment. I know I cant convince her parents any how. All I could do was to chant good number of prayers (om Mani pedme hung hri). I can only wish 🌠 for her good rebirth. May her her soul rest in peace.
We humans are placed on such place like earth to practice goodness (dharma) and live happily. We must not waste our life when we have such big opportunity to do great things. We are born to be good and worthy enough to make our living selfless. All of us will come across the same stage one day or another. Nothing can stop us from separation. When we live, we must love each and every creature we come across. As my father notes, 'we must render the best service to all when we are born as wonderful humans.' The good you do today will clear the pathway towards hope. And as my father in law regularly expresses, 'Doing good to others will muster our own goodness for future.' The cause and effect will come to practical but hardly do people realize this truth. As we live this impermanent life, we must practice the best things and avoid the worst. One day, as great saints figured, "life is unpredictable like the lighting in the sky." One good deed you do today will reward you with many good things.                  
Life is still waiting for us to read my story and go or a change. Today, you may be wealthy, strong or surrounded by people but we never know because tomorrow, your soul will leave you for the rest of your life. I pray for all sentient beings who are undergoing the same situation for the peace, tanquilty and love throught their lives while live and leave.                      
Please pass this message and let people feel the importance of their lives.                                       
I will write to you in my upcoming book- 'The book of Impermanence' -Sonam Wangdi.


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