You must read it PLEASE

Dear all,
Once again after such long gap, I am here on this forum seeking donors to donate some clothes and other essentials for the students of Bjoka Primary School and for the people who are in need of our help.

This is my fourth time seeking your good heart ♥ to donate something. I am neither a profit maker nor do i have a separate organization but I have been doing this out of my own interest and passion. I like helping the needy like most of people in our nation. I am a former teacher of Bjoka primary school (now resigned being on contract) and I instituted DFC club in the school and I have been exposed to the standard of living of my former students and people out there. They need our help and at least our help would ease their living.

Please do help me help my students and the people by contributing something. Your goodness and their gratefulness would assure you happiness and satisfaction. Some lovely donors do know me and I still remember the help they rendered to me. My students are waiting for your donations.
I am still receiving the fullest support from the Principal and the staff of that school. I would like to thank them for that.
Today, I would like to thank Mr. Sunil Sunar and team of TAJ, Mr. Tshering Dorji, Mrs. Tshewang, Sir Amrith, Mrs Zoya and Jordan Polycrayons, some business entrepreneurs, and many others for their donations. And also Losel Gyatsho Academy for the donations. I am sorry that I am unable to get all the names but thank you so much everyone who made the difference.

Please do contact me if you would like to donate something to my students. (Class PP- VI, Ages from 6-16).
I look forward for conferrers to make a difference and spread happiness.

Thank You
Sonam Wangdi (Former regular contract teacher) Also a Desuup
Please relay this message to all genuine donors.